About us

Cocoon Hire Pty Ltd is a South Australian owned and operated company specialising in the hire of mobile, clear sided, hospital style bassinets. 


About our bassinets


What type of bassinets do we hire?

We hire clear sided bassinets as used by many maternity hospitals around Australia. Our bassinets allow you to have your baby in view at all times around the house. Features include:

  • Stainless steel frame

  • Clear sided bassinet capsule 

  • Large wheels with brakes

  • Mattress

  • Two storage compartments

  • Bassinet size: H 100cm, L 80.5cm, W 53cm

Why do I need a bassinet?

Bassinets are the recommended first bed for babies as they allow your baby to sleep safely and securely in the same room as you. Visit SIDS & Kids or Child & Youth Health (CYH) for more information about safe sleeping.

Why should I hire a bassinet?

Because babies sleep in a bassinet for a relatively short time before moving into a cot it makes sense to hire instead of purchasing a bassinet. Hiring our bassinets, which are multipurpose and can be used as a bassinet and change table, saves you both money and storage space.


How long do babies stay in the bassinet?

An average (3.6 kg/8lb) baby sleeps in a bassinet for about 2 months depending on the size of the baby and whether it comfortably fits into the bassinet. Babies must not use the bassinet once they start sitting (about 4 months).

Are the bassinets new?

All of our bassinets are purchased brand new and are maintained in excellent condition. We pride ourselves on the high standard of quality and cleanliness we offer. Each item is thoroughly inspected before each hire.

Are the bassinets sanitized?

Yes, our bassinets are carefully cleaned and sanitized prior to each new hire. The bassinets are also safety checked before each hire.

Are the bassinets easy to clean?

Yes, all parts of the bassinet are easily cleaned with warm soapy water. The bassinet and storage compartments lift out easily from the stainless steel frame for cleaning.

Are the bassinets suitable for use on carpet and other floor surfaces?

The large wheels allow the bassinet to move safely and easily over carpet and other floor surfaces. Brakes are fitted to ensure the bassinet doesn’t move when it’s not supposed to.


What type of linen do you need?

A standard pillowcase fits over the mattress. 


Are there any precautions I need to take when using a bassinet?

All the normal precautions you would take when putting your baby to sleep. We recommend you visit the SIDS & Kids or Child & Youth Heath (CYH)websites for the latest information and guidelines.

  • Make sure you use the bassinet on an even level surface

  • Engage the brakes when not moving the bassinet

  • Do not use with a child that can sit on its own

  • Ensure that curious pets and children cannot accidentally over turn the bassinet

Hospital style baby bassinet
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